What We Are

DealerGarden.com is a new, free, and interactive way for the consumer to view their local dealerships specials and advertisements!

Consumers should be aware that most of the time, the Ads dealerships run in the newspaper are extremely good deals. The dealership has to price their Ads competitively in order to gain the attention of the consumer. Since each brand has the same incentives from the factory, each dealer has to compete with one another to make their Ad more appealing. This is very good for you, the consumer!

However, a large majority of the market is unaware of their local dealerships Ad and “go in blind” so to speak when shopping for a new car. They are unaware because many people do not get the newspaper!

DealerGarden.com is the answer! Three easy steps to ensure you get the BEST deal possible!

  1. Select the MAKE of the vehicle of interest.
  2. Enter your ZIP CODE
  3. Select DISTANCE you are willing to travel to purchase your new car.

Once you have completed those, simply click “Find My Deals” and let DealerGarden.com do the rest!

Browse ALL of the BEST dealers Ads with just a click of the mouse! View Ads that may not even be listed in your local newspaper! Feel free to print out each Ad and bring into the dealership. Don’t have a printer? NO PROBLEM! Just take your phone with you to the dealership! Our Mobile Version allows the consumer to show the dealer the ad they are interested in.

Best of all, DealerGarden.com is FREE to the consumer! Many consumers are willing to drive further to get a better deal, even over an hour away! If the consumer doesn’t receive that areas newspaper, they can still compare Ads in their immediate area to Ads within their comfortable distance of travel.

DealerGarden.com caters to the modern consumer. People who don’t receive the newspaper shouldn’t be punished. DealerGarden.com provides a convenient way for consumers to view Ads side by side to help them make a better purchasing decision. Get the BEST deal. Only at DealerGarden.com!


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