About Us

DealerGarden.com is based in Pittsford, NY. The company consists of previous auto sales professionals that found something missing in the market today. Let’s face it; newspapers just are not as popular as they once were. More and more people today use their personal computers and cell phones to do research and to stay in touch with the world today. Dealerships have been doing the same thing for years. They have placed expensive ads in the Saturday and Sunday local newspaper to inform the public of the specials they are running. With the decline in public interest in newspapers, comes the decline in newspaper ad views. DealerGarden.com is the answer!

DealerGarden.com brings a new, up-to-date, and 24/7 solution for the consumer without a newspaper. DealerGarden.com allows the consumer to narrow their search based on make and distance. The site will then list every dealer within the consumer’s guidelines and display them based on distance.

Everyone knows that typically the ad you find in the newspaper is a good purchase for the consumer. We know this because when in the newspaper, they are placed right next to another dealer’s advertisement. The dealership’s job is to make their ad more appealing to the consumer and therefore use more discount to raise eyebrows. Now, the consumer has the ability to view dealer’s ads all week long!

Combined with our Mobile version, consumers now have every ad right at the tip of their finger! For those purchasing a car on a Wednesday, where Saturday and Sunday newspaper ads are scarce, DealerGarden.com allows them to pull the specials offered right then and there!

DealerGarden.com is also not out to crush dealerships on advertising costs. DealerGarden.com prides itself on making it simple for the consumer and inexpensive for the dealer!


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