Shooting During Dark Knight Blamed on Paintball?

Shooting During Dark Knight Blamed on Paintball?

We all know the national media always needs something to talk about.  You should all know about the tragic shooing that happen during the Dark Knight midnight showing.  Where James Holmes walked in the side door and threw in smoke grenades then opened fire killing 12 and wounding lots more.

Inside Edition ran this story shown below…they are attempting to link the smoke grande he used…to paintball!  He also had a poster on his wall of a DVD that shows tournament paintball highlights and games.  Paintball is a very very safe sport.  Played by millions in the US and world wide.  The general public dont know much about it…but…tournament is played much different and without camo or being in the woods.

What do you guys think?  Do you think that because he was a tournament paintball player, he knew how to use a smoke grande and go in to a movie theater to kill people?


Link Below is to the IE video


Hybrid, Electric Car Sales Continue to Soar Despite Falling Gas Prices

Hybrid, Electric Car Sales Continue to Soar Despite Falling Gas Prices

IRVINE, Calif. – With gas prices declining, sales of hybrid and electric cars have remained surprisingly resilient. In fact, sales of dedicated hybrid and alternative-energy vehicles surged more than 164 percent in June, according to Kelley Blue Book’s Blue Book Market Report for July 2012 ( With gas prices expected to continue their descent, hybrid and electric vehicle sales could slow; however, today it appears as though the sales decline will be relatively mild.

Blue Book Market Report Highlights:
Sales of alternative-energy vehicles typically fall rapidly after fuel prices peak, and although sales are down from the March 2012 high, they remain stronger than in previous years. Sales of the Lexus CT200h improved nearly 500 percent year-over-year. In addition, the Chevrolet Volt was a strong performer with sales improving more than 200 percent year-over-year. The Volt, popular for its longer driving range, has outsold the Nissan Leaf nearly 3-to-1 so far this year, even though it has a higher manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) and is not considered a “true” all-electric from a purists’ standpoint. The Honda CR-Z, Honda insight and Nissan Leaf all fell short of figures from just a year ago.

Alternative-Energy Vehicle Sales
Gas Prices (National Average)

“The Toyota Prius was the most significant driver of segment gains, with sales surging more than 300 percent from June of last year. The Prius has been in high demand since the introduction of the subcompact Prius c and wagon-esque Prius v. Sales numbers for the Prius also look especially strong due to the inventory shortages that plagued Toyota at this time last year,” stated Alec Gutierrez, senior market analyst of automotive insights for Kelley Blue Book.

Lay’s goes on Facebook with $1 million prize for new flavor

Lay’s goes on Facebook with $1 million prize for new flavor

By Bruce Horovitz, USA TODAY



Companies are waiting in line to snatch your idea — and maybe make you rich and famous.
In social-media marketing lingo, it’s called crowd sourcing. For a Facebook-obsessed society, it’s all about letting the crowd create — and pick — the Next Big Thing. Think of it as an online group-think followed by a social-media vote.
The latest entrant: Lay’s. The world’s biggest food brand will announce on Friday plans to cook one consumer’s recipe into a potato chip and pay $1 million for it — or 1% of the flavor’s net sales in 2013. It’s the winner’s choice.
In, perhaps, the ultimate crowd-sourcing stunt, the soon-to-be-wealthy winner will be selected by a Facebook vote. While Lay’s is hardly the first marketer to embrace crowd sourcing, it’s got an ultra-big bounty with its “Do Us a Flavor” promo.
“Social media is at its most powerful when a brand gives the reins over to consumers in an authentic way,” says Peter Madden, a brand consultant. He suggests that Lay’s go one step further and that consumers not only create and name the chip — but design the bag, too.
In other recent crowd-sourcing promos, Samuel Adams asked consumers to create a crowd-sourced beer; Arizona Iced Tea is prodding the public to create its next flavor. Outside the U.S., McDonald’s has crowd-sourced burger recipes.
For its part, Lay’s has run create-a-chip contests outside the U.S. These resulted in Caesar-salad-flavored chips in Australia, shrimp chips in Egypt and sausage-flavored chips in Poland.
Now, the crowd-sourcing promo is coming to the U.S. This one, decided by Facebook votes, will be the largest promotion in Lay’s 75-year history, says Ram Krishnan, vice president of marketing at Frito-Lay: “I fully expect this to get us into a different flavor category.”
Facebook is bending its rules for this promo. For the first time, Facebook’s familiar “like” button will be replaced with an “I’d Eat That” button for the contest in head-to-head flavor showdowns.
Lay’s will select three finalists — all of which will be developed into flavors and sold in early 2013. Then, a Facebook consumer vote will decide which flavor rules.
But don’t think you’re being original if you suggest pickled cucumber. It already won last year — in Serbia.

Register to vote through Facebook?

Who cant wait to actually just vote with Facebook?!?!?

Register to vote through Facebook? Washington reveals new app.

As soon as next week, Facebook users in Washington state may register to vote through an app developed by Microsoft. The initiative could mobilize young voters.

By Megan Riesz / July 18, 2012
Facebook has been developing the Washington state registration voter app since last fall, sources say.
Associated Press

In an effort to convince more residents to complete their voter registration online, Washington state has partnered with Facebook to develop a voting registration app for the social network.

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The upcoming app – designed by Microsoft – is the first of its kind. Expected to launch as soon as next week, it will “put a screen from the official state website into a user’s Facebook page, and…automatically add some of the information already in a Facebook profile, including name and date of birth,” according to Mashable. Users will still need to enter personal information, such as a driver’s license or state ID card number, to verify their identities.

Ideally, this partnership would make it easier for residents to register, especially considering Facebook’s popularity, Washington’s co-director of elections Shane Hamlin told the Associated Press.

“In this age of social media and more people going online for services, this is a natural way to introduce people to online registration and leverage the power of friends on Facebook to get more people registered,” he said.

Hamlin said Facebook won’t collect voters’ personal information, but that users will have to give the site permission to use their full names and birth dates.

So far in 2012, about one-third of Washington’s voters completed their registrations online, not counting those filled out at the state’s motor vehicle department, the National Journal reports, and 62 percent of online registrants are under 34, according to 2010 and 2011 data. If the MyVote app proves successful, Washington – and other states that may follow suit – will most likely bring in even more young voters.

“Young voters… if trends hold, are likely to vote for a Democratic candidate,” VentureBeat’s Ricardo Bilton says. “That’s good news for the state’s Democrats, but not current Washington Governor Christine Gregorie: The two-term governor is not running for reelection this year.”
Rock the Vote president Heather Smith says 50,000 new Washington voters are expected to register with the help of this new app and Rock the Vote’s own Facebook app, which connects online educational services with the Washington voter registration system, the Journal says. The Rock the Vote app was released Friday.

Honda integrating Facebook, Yelp in new Accord and Crosstour


Honda announced today a new connected service called HondaLink, which brings connected services such as Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, and Slacker into the car.



In the new Accord, drivers will be able to select HondaLink stations from this touchscreen display.

At this year’s CES, Harman International’s Aha announced a partnership with Honda. Today Honda hosted a conference showing how that partnership would play out with a new service called HondaLink. This new connected service will let drivers listen to a variety of Internet-based stations, featuring everything from Slacker radio to Yelp listings of nearby restaurants.

The new HondaLink app is essentially a rebranded version of the Aha app, although it integrates with the 2013 Honda Accord and Crosstour, along with future Honda vehicles. Aha serves up different types of Internet feeds as audio. Aha can not only play Internet radio stations, but also converts Facebook feeds to an audio stream.


Drivers will need to have the HondaLink app running on an iPhone or Android to use the new service.

Drivers will need to load the HondaLink app on either an iPhone or Android device and have it paired to the car through Bluetooth. The app delivers a driver’s own Facebook news feed, including friends’ status updates. It also uses the car’s GPS location to find nearby restaurants for the Yelp feed. Similar to the Aha app, the HondaLink app masks the Yelp service under stations called “Hungry” and “Coffee”, which focus on restaurants and coffee shops respectively. HondaLink will not allow more general Yelp searches, and does not include the ability to update a driver’s own Facebook status.
When listening to the “Hungry” or “Coffee” stations, drivers will be able to select a listing and have its address sent to the navigation system. The car’s LCD will only show which HondaLink station is currently selected, without showing specific information such as an actual Facebook status update.
As HondaLink runs on a driver’s smartphone, it does not require a separate data plan for the car.

Kid picks up Troy Matteson’s ball on the final hole of regulation

Kid picks up Troy Matteson’s ball on the final hole of regulation

By Jonathan Wall | Devil Ball Golf –

If you’ve ever been to a professional golf tournament before, you know there’s one rule that absolutely must be followed: don’t pick up a ball — even if it happens to belong to Tiger Woods. Seriously, don’t do it.

We’ve seen fans attempt to take home a priceless souvenir before, including a lady who was shoved 
by a guy in the crowd as she tried to reach down and pocket Charl Schwartzel’s ball at Doral in 2010. It was the most memorable fan-trying-to-pocket-a-ball moment in recent memory … until a kid at the John Deere Classic usurped her during the final round.

With the tournament hanging in the balance, Troy Matteson stepped onto the tee on the par-4 18th hole — just moments after he canned an incredible 59-footer for eagle on the par-5 17th — and hit a wayward drive into the trees.

LINK TO VIDEO–golf.html

The ball landed near a young boy who tried to pull a fast one on some unassuming gallery members by running over and picking up the ball. There was just one problem: Matteson needed the ball to finish his round. A couple of fans in the crowd saw the entire situation and called the youngster out.
Busted. Based on the footage, it looks like the kid knew he was in the wrong after he tried to hide the ball in his hand. You’d think someone would have informed him that you never pick up a ball during a tournament, but when you’re caught up in the moment of potentially walking home with a sweet souvenir, the rules go out the window.

Thankfully, the kid’s poor decision didn’t cost Matteson the tournament — at least not on the final hole of regulation. He was able to drop the ball nearest the spot where it landed and managed to get up-and-down to force a playoff that he eventually lost on the second hole.