Meet the Dealers – Dorschel Toyota

Ron Waters, Dorschel Automotive Group


Q: How long has your Toyota Scion dealership been in business?

I had a little difficulty in nailing this down for sure but the Toyota business began around 1970 and the Scion brand came into being around 2004.

Q: How long have you been in the auto industry?

The Dorschel Auto Group has been in  business for over 50 years ——–

For me, although I have only been in the auto industry 3 years this time, I was born and raised  in the car business spending the first 20 years of my life growing up in my father’s Chrysler dealership!

Q: What’s your job there and how long have you been with Dorschel?

I am a Sales Manager (Team Leader) in the Toyota store and have been with Dorschel 3 years.

Q: Customers are always looking for the best price or best lease they can get. But they also really want to buy a vehicle that’s right for them. How do you make sure that customers get the right vehicle?                

Travis, you are going to find Dorschel does business very different from any other Toyota or any other brand dealership, for that matter; our philosophy is to be up front about everything in the buying process ———-  in fact, we clearly display all our Dorschel Clear pricing on every vehicle, both new and pre-owned. Our pricing is determined by market conditions, manufacturer incentives, age in inventory and competitive surveys — this provides a fast, fair, negotiation-free buying experience —— having said that, the bulk of the time our sales consultants spend with our customers is spent understanding what is important to them in their next vehicle.  After we have basic selection of the vehicle, our customers might also take advantage of our “over-night” test drives so they get to know the vehicle before their final decision is made.     Dorschel also offers a 3 day, 300 mile exchange program for all customers purchasing a new or pre-owned vehicle ——- if within 3 days or 300 miles you determine this is not the right vehicle for you, you can exchange it for any brand vehicle that Dorschel sells.

Q: Scion has this “Pure Price and Pure Lease”, can you explain those for us? And how does that help Dorschel?

Scion pure pricing, in many ways, is the same as the Dorschel Clear and Simple pricing in that all customers pay the same pricing for each vehicle and can therefore feel confident they have the best value possible —— it fits very well with the Dorschel buying experience.

Q: It seems like there is less Toyota dealerships per square mile compared to brands like Chevy,  why is that?

That is really a question you need to ask Toyota but from my perspective, Toyota will make the decision how many dealers are required in a particular geographic area based on population and demographics vs. volume required for a dealership to be successful while at the same time giving the customer a reasonable number of Toyota dealers to shop for competitive reasons.

Q: You are very large Toyota dealership, we have heard the biggest in the area, how did you feel your dealership became so successful?

Dorschel Toyota sells more new and pre-owned certified Toyota combined than any other dealer in the Rochester area ——— The Dorschel Automotive Group has been in business for over 50 years and has built its business one customer at a time by treating each customer the way we would like to be treated ourselves; we are very open and transparent in every aspect of the vehicle buying process including clearly displaying our Dorschel clear pricing, involving the customer in the trade-in evaluation process and compensating our product consultants not on commission but on productivity and customer satisfaction!

Q: When a customer wants to compare a Toyota/Scion to other brands, they are “just looking”, what do you do?

Welcome the opportunity to show them our products and provide answers to all the questions they might have including providing demonstration drives, technical comparisons to other brands, providing vehicle evaluations from independent sources such as Consumer’s report, etc ———- again even provide, no obligation, over night test drives if they would like.   Our purpose is to help find the vehicle that best suits our customer’s needs at a price that fits their budget.

Q: If people are still scared of the gas pedal incident that the media seemed to cover very heavily, what can you tell them about it?

Actually, even though there were no proven cases of sudden acceleration by the NHTSA, Toyota has now developed and implemented a new technology on every new Toyota vehicle, as a part of their Star Safety System, called “Smart Stop” which actually operates in the event of certain simultaneous brake and gas pedal applications. When engaged, the system will reduce engine power to help the brakes bring the vehicle to a stop!

Q: If a customer wants to do service with you but they didn’t buy their car from you, are they allowed to do that? Does it have to be a Toyota or Scion?

Dorschel Toyota is the only dealership in Upstate NY that has won the prestigious Toyota Presidents Award for the last 2 years ——- this recognizes not only sales excellence but also service excellence and we would be more than happy to service any Toyota/Scion or any other brand vehicle in our award winning service department. 

Q: How do you feel the internet has changed the automotive industry?

In a very large and varied way —– primarily it has made the industry very transparent ——- there is detailed and accurate information easily available through the internet on all vehicle manufacturers, vehicle models, latest technologies, pricing, dealer margins, selling pricing by region, technical specifications etc etc ———— from our perspective at the Dorschel Automotive Group, it makes our job much easier AND is frankly one of the main reasons we have adopted the Clear and Simple approach to buying a vehicle!  Because the Dorschel experience is very open and transparent, it makes it much easier for a Dorschel customer to have a very positive buying experience …..all of the car buying games are gone !!!!!!!!!!!  …… and let’s face it, shouldn’t buying a vehicle be fun!!


What the World’s Richest Drive

Carlos Slim Helu (Richest man in the world) – Bentley Continental Flying Spur: $300,000

Bill Gates (CEO of Microsoft) – Porsche 959 Coupe: $400,000 worth

Alice Walton (Heiress to the Wal-Mart fortune/Second richest woman in the world) – 2006 Ford F150 King Ranch: $40,000 new

Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Alsaud (Saudi Royal Family) – Rolls-Royce Phantom: $447,000

Ingvard Kamprad (Founder of Ikea) – 1993 Volvo 240: $1,500 worth

Michael Bloomberg (Mayor of New York) – Audi R8: $120,000

Larry Ellison (Founder of Oracle) – McLaren F1: $4,100,000.

Warren Buffet (American business magnate, investor, and philanthropist) – Cadillac DTS: $45,000

Meet the Dealers – Doan Fiat

Brandon Taccone, Doan Fiat

Q: How long have you personally been in the auto industry?

I have been in the Auto Industry for 10+ years.

Q: What’s your job at Doan and how long have you been with Doan?

I am the Sales Manager for Doan FIAT, I’ve been with Doan for 7 years.

Q: Doan has the first Fiat dealership in the area, how does that feel, with you being the Sales Manager?

It feels amazing, I love working for Doan and with the recent addition of FIAT and me being the Sales Manager it gives me more of an opportunity to put more smiles on peoples face’s with their next vehicle purchase.

Q: Can you tell us a little about Fiat?

FIAT is one of the Oldest & Largest Auto Manufacturer’s in the world. Although FIAT tends to make vehicles on a smaller scale they are one of the most Safest, Technologically Advanced vehicles around. Passion and Detail go into every one of FIAT’s vehicles made.

Q: Customers are always looking for the best price or best lease they can get. But they also really want to buy a vehicle that’s right for them. How do you make sure that customers get the right vehicle?

We take the time to get to know our customers and build a relationship with them. Finding out the exact needs of a customer and selecting a vehicle at a great price is what we do best here at Doan.

Q: What do you feel sets you apart from other Dealerships?

The people that work here. We have such an amazing group of people that work for Doan that make us one of the Best dealership’s around in Customer Service as well as Volume.

Q: When a customer wants to compare to other brands, they are “just looking”, what do you do?

We let them look, FIAT has the IIHS Top Safety Pick & Consumer’s Digest Best Buy Awards backed by one of the best warranty’s in the U.S. combined with all the standard features you get in a FIAT it’s impossible to find another vehicle that can compare with it.

Q: Doan has lots of brands under the Doan Family of Dealerships with the newest being Fiat, does it help that you have lots of choices?

Yes, having so many vehicles to choose from allows us to better select the right vehicle for our customer’s needs. With the addition of FIAT it expands that even further.

Q: If a customer wants to do service with you but they didn’t buy their car from you, are they allowed to do that? Does it have to be one of your brands?

Yes we service all makes and models, it does not matter what brand it is we will be happy to take care of your vehicle for as long as you own it.

Q: How do you feel the internet has changed the automotive industry?

It has made customers more “knowledgeable” which is great. Having the Internet allows us to help even more people via by email and a virtual tour of our dealership’s and our inventory.

Cars Women Love!

While the stereotype for men and women in relationships tells us that men lead with their head and women with their hearts, the opposite can be said of their decision-making at the car dealership. According to the results, female car buyers really gravitated toward practical cars; smaller, more fuel-efficient cars while it was male buyers, who preferred either a fast, sporty vehicle or more heavy-duty vehicle, like a large truck or SUV, basing their decision more on aesthetics than substance.

So what cars are women buying? Here’s the top ten!

1. Volvo S40 – 57.9% female buyers

2. Nissan Rogue – 56.9%

3. Volkswagen Eos – 56.4%

4. Volkswagen Beetle – 54.6%

5. Hyundai Tuscon – 54%

6. Honda C-RV – 53.4%

7. Toyota RAV4 – 53%

8. Nissan Juke – 52.7%

9. Jeep Compass – 52.7%

10. Nissan Versa – 52.2%

We’re not the only ones…

Early this year the team constructed a small survey of 100 people. These 100 people are millennials or Gen Y (ages 18-30). In our study we found that only 6% of this generation gets the newspaper. Now is 100 people an adequate amount of people to survey to label the entire generation? Can there really be any accuracy when doing a small survey in a small community? Short answer, YES!

A few days ago an article was released by Charles B. Stockdale and Michael B. Sauter of Wall st. Their article was about the top things that the Facebook generation is not buying (Gen Ys). And sure enough at the top of that least, you guessed it, newspaper. But that’s not too shocking, we all know the paper is being read less and less. The great part if this article is their statistics. In their article they state that 7% of people surveyed across the nation received the paper the day prior.

“While readership rates for print newspapers are falling across the board, the country’s younger generation has abandoned the medium the most. As of 2010, only 7% of 18- to 24-year-olds reported having read a print newspaper the day before, according to the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press. This is the first time that figure has reached single digits. This age group also has among the highest rates of people reportedly receiving news through social networking sites or Twitter.” had 6%, Wall st. had 7%.

At we believe that the newspaper will be soon if not already be obsolete. We have done studies and have done our research. We believe the newspaper is dead. We’re not the only ones…